Van Moody: Intentional Parenting: The I Factor

Van Moody: Intentional Parenting: The I Factor

Van Moody: Intentional Parenting: The I Factor

“To thine own self be true.”

You know I love a good Shakespeare reference! We switched things up a bit for today’s show. Since we started the Heroes For Her podcast last year, we’ve had only two male guests: Joel Smallbone from for KING & Country and the amazing other half of the Bible Belles founder team, Brent Weidemann. Our #3 is Pastor Van Moody!

 As a pastor, speaker, and leadership trainer, Van Moody’s voice has been heard around the world at the 30th Anniversary of the March on Washington, with Pope John Paul II and his Pontifical Council in Rome, Italy, and in Tokyo, Japan as an Associate Trainer for Dr. John Maxwell’s leadership organization, EQUIP. Most recently, he became a member of Dr. Oz’s Core Team and is featured on the Dr. Oz Show on ABC. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, Dr. Ty, and their two children, Eden Sydney and Ethan Isaiah.

Van Moody has a passion for healthy transformation in individuals, organizations and the world. In today’s episode, he breaks down The I Factor: the three dynamics that are essential to understanding ourselves and discovering what God has for all of us. He talks about how identity significance, and perspective are the keys to managing yourself – your whole life – well. We talked about how these ideas apply to parenting and helping our children live healthy, purpose-filled lives from the inside out.

Don’t miss today’s episode, “Intentional Parenting: The I Factor”, and find out more about how to help our kids know who they are, see purpose and greatness in what they were created for, and view the problems they face as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

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