Jenny Dean Schmidt: Mom in the Mess

Jenny Dean Schmidt: Mom in the Mess

Jenny Dean Schmidt: Mom in the Mess


“Life is messy.”

Our guest for today’s podcast is Jenny Dean Schmidt. Jenny is a wife and mom and has served as Host of ChannelMom on Denver radio and national podcast for 6 years. She also serves as Executive Director of ChannelMom Media & Outreach.

She met her husband Mike in nursery school and vowed she’d marry him one day. Jenny and Mike have two teen children, Otis and Georgia.

Before ChannelMom, Jenny worked as a TV News reporter, writer and producer for both network TV and network affiliates. She covered high-profile news stories and  even interviewed two presidents. Wow!

On today’s episode, Jenny shares how she started and built ChannelMom when she was at home full time with her kids. Since those early years, it has grown and expanded to support moms through media and on the ground through ChannelMom Outreach.

Check out episode 44, “Mom in the Mess,” and hear how one mom embraced the mess so she could reach moms by the masses.

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