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HEARD Book Bundle & Devotional

Both sets

So if give 5 starts but the Hannah book is upside down and backwards. You have to open from back and flip it over to read it. Other wise these books are great

Great book

Beautiful made books and I am enjoying reading them with my daughter! Great way to teach young girls about our faith.

Engaging and thoughtful

This series has brought stories of the Bible to life for my 9 year old. It is shared in a way that she craves to learn more . Thank you for showing how women in the Bible had key parts and were important.


My daughter is 7 and we absolutely love these stories. I love the devotional and that it raises questions we can discuss together and she absolutely loves the journal. It is her favorite thing right now that we can share a journal. She feels so mature that she can write her own thoughts down and share with me and she can read my thoughts and they're together. Its a wonderful idea! She loves her Rooney doll also. We have the HEARD series as well and she has always loved them. So thankful for these books!

Every precious girl must read these stories!

My 10 year old daughter LOVES all the books and devotionals for her little mind and heart. Every little girl she read these impactful and inspiring stories of amazing, godly women!

Get them!

I got the bundle (sadly without the collector’s box) and my little 3 years old loved all the books!! My 5 year old son enjoyed reading them too.

At first I wasn't so sure about the angel in the books when I skimmed through them, but ended up explaining to my kids that "Mari" (the angel) represented God's Holy Spirit in us and His/Jesus' voice (kind of like our conscience guiding us toward His will rather than our own - aka choosing that way out of vengeance, taking anger out on others, ect. and replacing the action with prayer, patience, ect.). I found that approach to be helpful as we do not worship Mary in our home (are not Roman Catholic). After reading the series, the books are absolutely terrific and are promoting strong-mindedness in our home. Thank you so much!! They are very thoughtfully put together and an excellent tool to empower our kids. God is, for sure, using this book series!! Thank you.

These books are amazing!!

I bought these books to read to my 3 year old daughter, but my older sons have actually enjoyed hearing the stories just as much!! The books tell the stories in a way that kids can understand. The pages are beautiful and catch their attention! I am happy I found these books!!


I read the book to my daughter who is learning how to read and sometimes I ask her to take the book and look for sight words. She gets so excited that she can recognize and read the sight words. She gets very movitative.

My kids love them!

My kids love their books and the quality is great. But I did not receive the collectors box with them.

Loving our books

I bought both sets of books and we just love reading them. They are fun but also very appropriate for teaching children about the power of prayer.

She is so excited!!!

Ringleaders will be sooo awesome! She screamed with joy went the package was opened! We used the HEARD Series first for her kindergarten Bible devotions and she is already looking forward to getting a head start this summer.

HEARD - A Devotional For Girls

My Daughter was fighting sleep to keep listening to me read.

I purchased both complete sets of the Bible Belles and Ringleaders hoping to engage my 6 year old daughter again in bible based material. At age 6 she does know her Bible probably better than most adults and she loves it all but there are only so many ways to tell the true stories and worldly TV was starting to suck her in despite our best efforts. She fell in love with the Bible Belle books the first day and HUGE surprise to me, my three year old fell in love with them first (she is only just begining to like books in general!!) We read Hannah the first night and all the rest the second night and last night my six year old was fighting sleep to get past chapter one of Ringleaders. She is definitely hooked. Thanks to these books we're halfway through her reading log for the month in just one week. I love that the biblical qualities presented in each book are presented as super powers as I often talk about our senses being superpowers also. These books are encouraging and uplifting and so much fun. I'm looking forward to reading the Bible passages to them as well. I think both girls will be very receptive now.

Books for my granddaughter!

I purchased and mailed these books to my granddaughter! She’s turning 3 in June but I wanted something Godly her parents could read to her and that she could learn to read herself as she gets older. I am happy to say they love them and I will be checking out your books in the near future! Thanks!

My daughter loves it ❤️❤️❤️

HEARD Book Bundle with Collector’s Box

Great Books!

We love the books we received!!! My daughter always has them at her side.

Best books I have ever purchased

My girls love these books.
They want me to order more. Fills my heart knowing they love learning about God and his plans for us.

5 Book Gift Bundle

So far I really like it. It’s a birthday gift for my little girl, but I preview books and the suchlike before giving to my children. I really like it so far!!!

A wonderful set of books!

I purchased this set of books for my young granddaughters 4 and 1 years. I can’t think of a better subject for my little girls to read about than the female heroes in the Bible as they grow up. Thanks for writing and producing the Bible Belles!

HEARD Bible Bolles Series

I love the books. I can't wait to read them all to my daughter and to tell her stories about women in the Bible.

Great series!

My little girls love princesses but those stories are empty. With Bible belles they have real substance to learn from and real women to look up to that teach of Christ and his gospel.