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5 Book Gift Bundle
joshua bulitta

They are awesome I can’t wait to give them to my daughter for her birthday! She loves princesses and I thought this would be perfect for her and a lot better than anything Disney, she loves going to church so she’ll be happy to learn about these amazing women of the Bible

HEARD - A Devotional For Girls

Hannah: The Belle of Prayer
Deborah G Gilleylen
Women in the Bible Books

We just ordered for my granddaughters birthday the first book as well as the color book and she absolutely LOVES them. Thank you for creating a great tool to continue to keep children minds on something positive as well as presenting positive women roll models from Gods word. Getting them to love the Bibie early!!

HEARD Kids Coloring Book
Hilina Hitimana

HEARD Kids Coloring Book

We love these books!!!!

Love Bible Belles!

My family love the Bible Belles series. We patiently :) waited for Rooney's charm bracelet to come out, and cannot wait to give it to our daughter. This series has brought our daughter closer to Jesus, and made the Bible real and "cool" for her. She talks as much about the women of the Bible as she does about Disney princesses. Thank you for helping us to teach her truth. We are forever grateful.

Great little book

Great reading for young girls. The days include activities as well so it keeps them interested.

5 Book Gift Bundle
Theresa Reaume
No review

I cannot give a review yet as these were ordered for my great-granddaughters birthday and the books have nt bern given to her.

Enjoyable and Inspiring

My youngest daughter and I read the Bible Belles series and were so excited to know the journey continues with Rooney and Mari in Ringleaders. We are so enjoying reading about the beautiful, spirit led women in the Bible and how their lessons apply to us today. Keep the books coming!

Holding on..:

The first two weeks of school (her first time to enter a classroom away from home) and attending 1st grade, my sweet 6 year old granddaughter wore her bracelet every day. She told me she would hold onto it when she felt anxious or afraid because she knew HE HEARD her prayer. 💛
I only wished the bracelet were a little bigger. She has a hard time getting it on and off.

5 Book Gift Bundle
Shelby Anderson
Perfect gift for my niece!

I know my niece, or any young girl, will love these books! What’s a beautiful way to teach and grow children into the word of God.

Carolyn Wells
Beyond expectation

Continues to uphold a very high standard. Just what I wanted fir my granddaughters.

Beverly Blanchard

It's beautifully written and illustrated and I can't wait to give it to my granddaughter! She will love it!

Karole Dillard

Looking forward to seeing this book. I sent it directly to the grandkids. They loved the first books!

Rebecca Ruiz
These are awesome books

My girls absolutely love these books. They ask me to read them every night

Great books

My girls have loved the books so far! We are going to use them in a young girls Bible study to help better get the women’s stories across to them. The stories are engaging and full of truth and do a nice job of telling what these women through and how they overcame it with God. It relates that our young girls are going though their own trials and they can use each power to overcome them as well.

Big Hit

My granddaughter just loves the books, she could hardly put them down. I am so pleased to use these books for her and three other granddaughters!

5 Book Gift Bundle
Galina Sokolov

5 Book Gift Bundle

HEARD Book Bundle with Collector’s Box

The Complete Bible Belles Book Series (HEARD + Ringleaders)

Wonderful books

I am reading these books and will be giving them to my granddaughter on her 8th birthday. I know she will love them.

Love Bible Princesses

I love it , its a wonderfull way to teach my dougther how to be a Princess on God’s way. She love it. She is a shering gril, and i ask to share one of the book from the collection i got, and She said, “ I am sorry mamy but this time i don’t feel sharing””. I supoust i have to get another collection for a present for her friend. Thanks.

Bought them for my granddaughter! We are excited to read them together and teach her the of truths of the Bible

My 7yo loves these

These books are so brightly illustrated and have a fun way of venturing back in time to see the stories of the Bible. A great set for all little girls.