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HEARD Kids Coloring Book

My daughters love the books

My niece loves the book I gave her. My sister is thinking about buying her more after reading the book.

Ringleaders Bundle

Grandma approved

I loved reading these books to my granddaughters. The pictures and stories were so fun and entertaining, but with a great message.

Great books!

my girls love these books and love that they are about the females in the bible. It gives them encouragement and helps them grow up learning values

Highly pleased

The books are beautiful. High quality and well written. Can’t wait to give them to my granddaughter.

Love it

HEARD Book Bundle & Devotional

Easter gift

We loved the HEARD series so much that I had to order the Ringleader book as an Easter gift for my 5 year old daughter.

Perfect for my five year old granddaughter.

She is so into Disney Princesses that when I found these it was a perfect diversion into real life and bible women.

Too small! Meant for a baby?

I was super disappointed when this arrived. It’s so small, it would probably fit a baby or toddler. The quality seems ok- we had to restring it and add more beads. Wasn’t worth the money spent-except to support mission work.

Mother Daughter Blessing

Not received

I haven’t gotten them yet


Gifted these books to my daughter for her 8th birthday and she loves them, as do I! Colorful, great quality and the stories and messages are Biblical. She can connect and understand the stories through these books than others she has read. I highly recommend these & can't wait to bless other little girls in my family with some of these books.

My 3 girls love these books! We have read them all and on the 2nd go around!

HEARD Bundle

Very satisified. Both my 4 year old grandson and my 2 year old granddaughter listen intently!

Wonderful for ALL kids!

I purchased the Bible Belle series of books for my granddaughters who are still quite young but my 2 slightly older grandsons absolutely love the books, which actually surprised me! They ask me to read them every time they come over, and they are 5 & 3 and definitely rough and tumble boys! So, when is there a series coming out for boys?? I do appreciate what you are doing for the little girls needing biblical role models but there are obviously wonderful stories the boys need to hear as well, since they also love the Bible Belle books! Wonderful stories they love to hear and learn from! Thank-you for writing this series.

Bible Belles

“The truth becomes her”... A marvellous series I am sharing with my three granddaughters. We are hoping that they intern will have Bible studies with their friends using them. I love how the super powers are individually named in each of these biblical heroines!

We all need role models and the sooner we get good ones the better our lives will result!

We need a series now for boys!

Well done to the creators! One day you will hear those words from God in heaven!

Ringleaders Bundle

Love these books! My daughter has never really enjoyed reading. It’s been hard for her. She can’t put these books down though.

Esther & Deborah

My daughter and I love reading these together!

Excellent books for my 7-year-old granddaughter. What a wonderful way to tell the Bible story

We loved the bracelets we got one for each of our kids and one for Mom too.

We loved the bracelets and got one for Mom too :) They are very durable and easy to keep clean.
Thank you


Excellent book! I want all young lives to read this book, especially girls! Well written, solid Biblically and beautifully illustrated. Every family should own this book, Ringleaders and the HEARD books as well.