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My son, age 9, is really enjoying this retelling of the lives of Peter and Paul through your graphic futuristic twist. He was beaming when he recently brought it out to show to his friend/ our neighbor who is not a believer. Very cool! Glad we invested in the books.

Resurrection Eggs
George Bond
Perfect Gift

Eggsactly what I eggspected. The grands love it.

DD loves it!

My dear daughter loves her bracelet and never wants to take it off.

Such a great little reminder.

The bracelet is my daughter’s favorite!! She looks at the bracelet and names every Bible Belle!! Since we gave it to her she hasn’t taken it off!! Thank you for such a beautiful reminder for my little Bible Belle!


My granddaughters LOVE these books! Perfect way to teach how Jesus loves & values us as women

Resurrection Eggs
Jacqueline Walker
Absolutely perfect!

Our resurrection eggs are the perfect addition to our Easter festivities. The kids loved them, my husband and I loved being able to share such powerful words and visuals with our kids, and I couldn’t be more grateful! I had to buy them for our friends too!

My Grandson's Favorite

My almost 8-year-old grandson is very fond of graphic novels. I gave him the Paul Graphic Bible Story Book for his first spiritual birthday. He loves it, and has been pouring over it for several days, pouring over every page. It has opened the door for questions about who Paul is and what books he has written in the New Testament. Can’t wait to give him the Peter book. Thanks for a wonderful resource for young boys!

Bible Belles Devotional

Excellent book! Just like ALL Bible Belles materials!

5 Book Gift Bundle
Claudia Arias
My Niece Loved it!

As an auntie, I worried that my niece wasn’t getting enough biblical content. So I purchased Bible Belles and she loved it! I am so glad I got these books for her. The illustrations are beautiful as well!

Exceptional customer service

These books were a birthday gift for my 10 year old daughter. She loves them. The hardcover and pages are durable. They have a nice shine to them. The stories are well written and the pictures are beautiful.

LOVE for many reasons!

My daughter hasn’t taken her bracelet off! It is a beautiful reminder of what she learned in the Bible Belles books. The colors are beautiful, and the quality is top-notch.

Great, just like everything from the bible belles

My daughter loves every story from the Bible belles collection, even the comics. They’re challenging enough to make her think, but the stories are easy to follow. We are very happy w our purchases

It’s a hit!

I flipped through the books when they arrived and the artwork is great. My 14 year old daughter ran off with them immediately and is enjoying them now. We also have all of the Bible Belle books, my 7 year old loves them! She is also sporting the bracelet and rarely takes it off.

Ringleaders Bundle
kokouevi Foadey

Ringleaders Bundle

Resurrection Eggs, Doll, 14kt Bracelet

Resurrection Eggs
Jamie Coates

Absolutely loved the eggs! Our children are still enjoying them after resurrection Sunday and continuing to learn about Christ’s love and the story of his death and resurrection with the eggs! Wonderful idea!

Resurrection Eggs.

My grandkids loved it. Great way to teach the events leading up to, and during the Resurrection. Nicely done. My grand girls loved Rooney and the bracelet to go alone with the Books they already have. Thank you

Resurrection Eggs
Sherry Warner
New Tradition

I believe we have a new Tradition to celebrate Easter/Resurrection Sunday. I live how the eggs come in a carton and there is a book that explains everything inside the eggs!!! Thank You!!!

Resurrection Eggs and More

The grands loved learning the meaning of the eggs and their contents. Our granddaughter bonded with her new doll and felt special indeed with her new bracelet.

Resurrection Eggs
Christine King-Raggio
Didn’t receive them until after Easter

I was very disappointed. I ordered the eggs and a book on April 7th. About two weeks later, I received the book (which we loved as we have the rest in the series) but no eggs. They didn’t arrive until a day or two after Easter. I will put them away until next year, but disappointed my daughter wasn’t able to search for eggs on Easter morning.

Resurrection Eggs, HEARD Mother/Daughter Journal, 14kt Bracelet

Amazing Books

I bought these for my grandsons for Easter. The books are very well illustrated and I wish I had more time to look at them before I sent them. We love the Bible Belles series so I’m sure these too are amazing!

This is fantastic!

The Resurrection egg hunt that I set up for my daughters were fantastic! It made for the perfect activity to keep all of our minds focused on the reason for the season. It was a fun and educational activity and investment worth making! I’m grateful for this company for providing high quality and spiritually beneficial products for our little ones!

Our nine year old daughter loved her Bible Belle bracelet! She really appreciates the meaning behind the letters on the bells and all the the woman of the Bible demonstrated. She likes the reminder that God hears and answers prayers!

Easter gift for my Granddaughter

I ordered the resurrection eggs and the Heard Mother/Daughter journal for Easter and she loved it and was so much better than candy and toys !