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As the first book of the Bible Belles series, Hannah is the foundation for all of the adventures that Rooney Cruz will go on!

In this book, Rooney makes a shocking discovery: superheroes are real, and she’s one of them! Join Rooney as she uncovers the first secret superpower that she possesses: the Power of Prayer. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will transform her into the greatest superhero of all: a Bible Belle!

Enjoy the children's books "The Adventures of Rooney Cruz, The Bible Belles", an original children's Christian book series presenting real heroes like never before! Give your little belle (or boy!) the chance to learn about and look up to real role models: the Bible Belles! These fun Christian story books are great for pre and early readers age 4-8, and independent readers age 9 and 10.