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The extras you really want. All in one spot.

We know - dream come true, right? There is a lot of stuff for sale in the kid space that, if we can be honest, serves no real purpose or function. When we came up with the idea for Bible Belles, it started right there: do I want to buy this girl in my life just another toy or accessory that doesn’t actually hold any real value? The answer was no. If you’re like us, you want the things you buy for your kids to mean something. We want what they end up wearing and playing with to be something that is more than just a shiny, glittery, gotta-have-it-now item that gets tossed aside the moment something better comes along.

We get it. We wanted to offer something different than what you’ll find during your next stroll down the aisle of a department store. Shirts that say, “Future Mrs. Superman” or “Training to be Luke Skywalker’s girlfriend”? How about bracelets that boast the latest rude remark or sassy statement? No thank you. Instead, why not head over to our shop and take a look at our bracelets and tees? They’re the perfect addition to your girl’s closet or jewelry organizer and the best part? Your girl will actually love wearing them!

With the rise of social media, now anyone can be a fashionista–which is great news if, you know, the fashion with the right message is cute enough to wear. At Bible Belles, we’re all about quality and sending the right messages to girls.

Our bracelets are a small, yet simple reminder that every girl has what it takes to be beautiful: to be a Bible Belle.

It’s already within her! Plus, the stretchy, rubbery material is durable enough for her to own the basketball court, help out a friend in need, cheer on her little sister, make a mud pie–whatever! She’d be hard-pressed to do any damage to this virtually indestructible wristband, and that’s the way we like it. Because we know that superhero-ing (Is that a word?) is tough work, and she’s got things to do!

In addition to bracelets, our kids t-shirts are cute, comfy and probably our favorite way to remind girls that God has equipped them with special powers just like the female heroes of the Bible.

Our special edition #AndMeTooCampaign tee (aka, the “HEARD tee”) gives girls a tangible way to remember that God wants to use them in a mighty way. Just like He used Hannah and Esther and Abigail and Ruth and Deborah, He’s going to use them, too.

We know kids accessories can be hard to come by, so we’ve piled all of ours together for you to take a look and see for yourself. But, seriously, go at your own pace. Cuteness overload is a real thing, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.