Prepare Your Girl For A SMART Year

Prepare Your Girl For A SMART Year

Prepare Your Girl For A SMART Year

Does it feel like the new year has rolled out the red carpet on a brand new path to success?

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it feels more like you’re standing at an unfamiliar trailhead, fumbling desperately for your map.

Don’t panic. It’s time to set some goals that will keep you and your girl moving in the right direction.

At Truth Becomes Her, developing action plans and then executing on them is one of the most important ways we get things done.

We encourage women at every age and stage to dream big and to envision their lives and leadership through the lens of their unlimited potential, and we practice what we preach.

We know the past several months have been hard, which is why we want to help you combat the challenges your girl is facing by helping her maintain her motivation and achievement this year.

She can do it with effective goal setting.

While setting goals for yourself is important (you know this), it is even more important to ensure that you set SMART goals and show your girl how to do it too.

Even if you’ve never learned how to set SMART goals, you can do it easily. It just takes practice.

SMART is an acronym, and you can use it to guide the way you set intentional goals. This way of goal setting is commonly attributed to Peter Drucker and his Management By Objectives style of joint goal setting with feedback.

To make your goals easy to understand and attainable, each goal should be:

  • Specific (sensible + simple)
  • Measurable (motivating + meaningful).
  • Achievable (actionable + attainable).
  • Relevant (realistic + reasonable)
  • Time-limited (focused + urgency)

Read on for TIPS to help you consciously build on the goals you and your girl began last year—and create new goals for this year.

For your relationship this year, revisit or revise your strategies and goals with the above SMART bullets top of mind…

Use the questions below to discuss and define your goals:

  • Over the last year, what worked well? Why?
  • The goal is to build on what worked well. What can we do to develop further?
  • What are we going to do this year that is new, different, or adjusted front the previous year?
  • What effects do we foresee this new plan will have on our spiritual growth, learning, and development?
  • Do we have the tools + resources we need to accomplish these things? Be specific.

The start of a new year represents a brand new chapter that YOU get to write. 

We know this means making new commitments and pressing in to some hard work. Here are a few ideas to help you work smarter as you set your goals with your girl and break them down together how you’ll accomplish them.

To start, you can organize your annual goals into three sections:

  1. Faith Goals: (quiet time, prayer, fellowship, community, giving/generosity). We call ours “God Goals.” 🙂
  2. Relationship Goals: In most mentor/daughter dynamics, once you establish a vision and build your culture, the next step is to set goals that move you toward your vision and achieve your desired outcomes…together.
  3. Personal Improvement Goals: What goals do you want to set that will improve your character, skills, and capabilities? Setting these goals involves self-assessing and honing in on areas in which you can improve and reach your maximum potential. These need to be based on the improvements you need to make SO THAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE #1 AND #2 ABOVE.

Praying you and your girl into a fantastic and SMART 2022!


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