Teri Lynne Underwood: Praying for Girls

Teri Lynne Underwood: Praying for Girls

Teri Lynne Underwood: Praying for Girls

“As our kids get older, the stakes get higher.”

Our guest today is Teri Lynne Underwood.

Teri Lynne leads Prayers for Girls, a popular online community for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and anyone else who wants to invest in praying for the girls in their lives. A writer, ministry speaker, and Bible study teacher, she is a frequent contributor to parenting blogs and is constantly on the hunt for ways to communicate truth with grace and, if possible, humor. Teri Lynne and her husband live in northern Alabama with their teenage daughter. 

In today’s episode, Teri Lynne shares a little bit about the early days: what she initially set out to accomplish with Prayers for Girls and how it has grown to be a place where moms of daughters can go for encouragement and resources that will help them ask God for the things their girls need most. In her book, she outlines simple principles that moms can use to craft an approach to prayer that works, no matter if their girls are toddlers (like mine!) or teens.

Highlights include:

Her identity—finding her security and strength in God’s love and acceptance 

Her heart—pursuing a life of purity and devotion to the Lord 

Her mind—committing to growing in wisdom and discernment regardless of her 

Her relationships—developing skills and attitudes to foster healthy relationships with others 

Her purpose—trusting God with her life, gifts, and passions 


Don’t miss today’s episode, “Praying for Girls,” and find out how to start praying over your daughter with confidence and power.

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