Manna Ko: Made For More

Manna Ko: Made For More

Manna Ko: Made For More

“Joyful and free.”

My guest for today’s episode is an incomparable woman and my dear friend, Manna Ko.

Manna is a Visionary, CEO and FOUNDER of several companies, and Strategic Partner to many others. She’s been speaking internationally for decades, sharing her passion to teach, stretch, and equip others to live-out their gifts in a world hungry for authentic, honorable, and meaningful leadership and relationships. Now with almost thirty years of entrepreneurial experience, she’s worked with hundreds of different businesses and organizations, and guided even more individuals seeking personal excellence.

Her passion is to help people thrive their calling, live extraordinary lives, prosper through chaos, be a forerunner with unseen opportunities, lead under pressure, and deliver results. 

Manna’s experiences have taken her many places, and he faith has grown tremendously her life’s journey. She shares how she has seen God at work throughout her life and through writing down her own story, an autobiographical novel.

Don’t miss today’s episode, “Made For More.” 


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