Jenni Catron: Own Your Influence

Jenni Catron: Own Your Influence

Jenni Catron: Own Your Influence

“If we’re intentional to invest in the people that we have influence with right now, it is powerful.”

My guest today is Jenni Catron. We had Jenni on the podcast about a year ago (Episode 32 – for quick reference) and it’s an honor to welcome her back and hear about what she’s been up to since then. Jenni’s got a lot going on - she is a writer, speaker, and leadership expert and her passion is to lead well and to inspire, equip and encourage others to do the same.

Listen in for Jenni’s answers to the following questions:

Why do you feel like God called you to study leadership and work to equip leaders with the tools they need to be effective?
Where is your work as a leadership expert taking you these days?
What’s been a recent memorable team or group of leaders you’ve worked with?
What trends do you see in the space of women and leadership? What are you noticing about women in the work you do?
How do you see what you’ve learned over the past several years translating to women who have yet to grow up (the next generation of female leaders)?
Who are the people who have had the greatest impact on not only the work you do but the person you are?
Something you said the last time you were here really stuck with me. It was “if you want to lead people, you have to learn how to love people.”
How do you see that applying to women in leadership and the roles God has carved out for them?  



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