Elise Boggs: Lead With Peace

Elise Boggs: Lead With Peace

Elise Boggs: Lead With Peace

“Lead with peace.”

My guest for today’s episode is the amazing Elise Boggs.

We had Elise on the podcast about a year ago and I’m honored that she’s back dive deeper into her passion: to equip the next generation of marketplace leaders to change the world.

As a university professor and accomplished coach, Elise has trained leaders in industries ranging from non-profits and government to medicine and the military. She’s worked in the United States as well as led teams all over the world including the United Kingdom, India, South Africa and Australia.

Last time Elise was here, we talked mostly about emotional intelligence which is a key component to great leadership. If you missed that episode, you can scroll back through our past episodes and EP 20.

Questions Elise answers during today’s interview are below.

Do you feel that every person has the potential to be a great leader? 

Who had a significant influence in shaping you as a leader?

Kids we know have a natural curiosity and they ask sooooooo many questions. Sometimes, that can be overwhelming (and even annoying) to parents. But questioning, we know, is central to effective leadership. What would you say to the parent who is overwhelmed by all the questions? 

Leaders are excellent communicators. What are some ways parents can help their kids express and communicate ideas and emotions well?

Who are some of the leaders that inspire you? 

If you could give one piece of advice to parents who want to develop leadership skills in their children, what would it be?

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