Tricia Goyer: The Rest Is His Story

Tricia Goyer: The Rest Is His Story

Tricia Goyer: The Rest Is His Story

Seven daughters. Yeah, you heard that right.

I felt my heart drop when Tricia Goyer reminded me that she has seven, not six, daughters. Six are adopted, and she has one biological daughter. My heart hit the floor as I imagined myself trying to juggle all of that.

Raised by a teen mother before her mom married her stepdad, Tricia never really knew the love of a father. So, she went looking for love and acceptance in “all the wrong places” (This sounds eerily familiar), and she ended up becoming a teen mom too. At just 17, she had to grow up quick, and the strength and resiliency needed to keep moving forward inspired many things, one of which is a successful writing and speaking career.

This woman is amazing. She has written over 50 books. 50. Her new book, Prayers That Changed History, is in stores now. That is though, by far, not the most impressive thing I learned about her during our episode. What impressed me most is her honesty. How many people would speak so openly and candidly about becoming a teen mom, about having an abortion? I don’t know that I know anyone who is that honest.

I’ve been through my share of tough times and terrible mistakes, and so has she. The difference is she has this incredible peace about it, though. It’s a peace I find myself working toward, and I know it is something I will chase for many years to come.

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