Ann White: Fear Lost, Courage Found

Ann White: Fear Lost, Courage Found

Ann White: Fear Lost, Courage Found

Sometimes, fear creeps in. Not all the time, but every so often, I'm afraid that I won't be able to teach my girl about God, who He is, and how much He loves her. It freaks me out a bit to think about how that's my responsibility. Not because I'm her mom. Because I'm me.  I fell away from my faith early in life and it took a miracle for me to wake up and step into God's plan. Most days, I rest in the truth: He chose me to be her mom, and no one else. But that doesn't mean I always have peace about it. 

Today's guest is the incredible Ann White. Founder and President of In Grace Ministries, Ann has a new book out called 7 Steps To Courage. As she shared her story, I found myself feeling so much better about not growing up with a strong foundation of faith. She didn't have that either, but it didn't stop her from seeking God. He waited for her. He rescued her, and she made a commitment to read and study His Word. What she discovered was a real connection to Him, through the Bible and prayer, that changed everything. 

It's time to lose the fear and do what we have to do to find the courage. 

"Courage begins with one fearless choice." 

7 steps, yes, but only one choice.

Commit to change 
Overcome obstacles
Uncover your true self
Replace worldly lies with scriptural truth
Accept the things you cannot change
Grasp God’s love for you
Embrace a life of grace.


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