Plumb: Grace In, Love Out

Plumb: Grace In, Love Out

Plumb: Grace In, Love Out



I don't know what it is about a good song that can just unglue a person, but this has happened to me a lot. When we were dating (VERY early on), Brent sent me the lyrics to Kenny Chesney's "You Had Me From Hello" in an email and I remember the chills. We danced to that song at our wedding (and sang it to each other too as we gazed into each other's eyes). It sounds sappy, oh I get it, but it happened. And it was beautiful. There's something about the words paired with the melody that just made time stand still. I feel the same when I hear any song by Florence and the Machine because Rooney lights up whenever she hears one of her tunes. 

For Plumb, one of these moments of ungluing came as she was alone in her house, babies asleep and husband gone, staring down at the rock-bottom pit of divorce. But then, the music. 

"And in that place Matthew West and Aaron Shust and Third Day, the list goes on, song after song came on and hit me right where I was, and I got really humbled, really quick, and realized I had been a part of an industry that gives hope to people that feel hopeless. I had taken it for granted first of all, but most importantly I had done it because of self-centeredness. Then immediately I realized, hold on, my husband hasn't left me because he's crazy; my husband has left me because I've been pushing him away, because I've been more important to me for quite some time.  And I realized my selfishness had been part of the reason I was in this darkness." -Plumb

Don't miss today's interview. Her story will inspire you because it's proof of what happens when you breathe in God's grace, let it do its thing, and then breathe out to send that goodness right back into the world. That breath, that Exhale, is what's needed in this life. It's what girls need to realize their worth. It's how they'll realize that they're the ones who will change the world.  

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