Crystal Stine: The Magic of the Mess

“It's all messy, because it's life.”

You know what’s awesome? Talking to people who aren’t afraid to admit that that’s exactly what life is. It’s messy. When I was younger, I spent a lot of years trying to make it seem like my life was dialed in, like I had it all together. It was annoying, exhausting, and disappointing. As a mom, I’m just hoping I can get my daughter to realize that before she becomes as obsessed as I was with hiding the mess.

That’s why I liked talking with Crystal Stine. Crystal is the Editorial & Marketing Manager at (in)courage, speaker, and author at She has not only embraced the mess, she’s invited it in for coffee. Oh, and she loves coffee. And she hates running. We have so much in common.

During today’s episode, Crystal shares real life stories and thoughts for how to fill your social media feed with positivity and how she decided to make health and fitness a priority in her life. She shares some amazing resources too, so be sure to listen and learn more about this amazing and active mama!

For Crystal’s inspiring blog and more, click here.

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Erin Weidemann
Erin Weidemann


Erin Weidemann is a teacher turned professional author and speaker. A former college athlete, Erin is also a five-time cancer survivor. She lives in Encinitas, California with her husband Brent and their daughter Rooney. Alongside her husband, she is the co-founder of Bible Belles, a company that helps girls discover real beauty through the female heroes of the Bible.

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