[EPISODE 81] Overcoming Fear w/ Bre Robinson

[EPISODE 81] Overcoming Fear w/ Bre Robinson

[EPISODE 81] Overcoming Fear w/ Bre Robinson

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"The topic of fear is a huge passion of mine because it's something that we all have to choose daily to overcome." 

I’m so excited for today’s episode because my guest is Breanna Robinson, an absolute light and joy and there’s so much to say about her so I’m just going to get right to it.

Bre is a young adult and children’s ministry leader from C3 Church in San Diego.

She’s also a children's book author and her book "Be Gone, Fear" equips kids to overcome their fears with God by their side.

Bre’s got serious passion and fire inside her for raising up the next batch of faith-filled leaders and world changers.

She created The Purpose Within, a personal development blog and platform for all young people who have a desire to dig deep, discover, and develop their purpose.

In today’s episode, Bre talks all about her experiences growing up as a pastor's kid and the lessons she has learned so far in her life to convey the importance of finding your identity, strength, and purpose. 

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