[EPISODE 80] w/ Special Guest Jonathan Pitts

[EPISODE 80] w/ Special Guest Jonathan Pitts

[EPISODE 80] w/ Special Guest Jonathan Pitts

“The opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference.”

Elie Weisel

If you’ve been here for a while, know that we don’t usually interview men on this show (Quick shout out to past guest guys like Joel Smallbone and Van Moody). Most of our guests are female because one of our main goals is to highlight positive role models for girls and that means, most of the time, those role models are women. But we’re switching things up for today’s show, and I’ll tell you right now -- this one’s gonna be a tough and emotional one for me.

When Brent and I got started in ministry and trying to impact girls, come alongside and support them to walk in their God-given identities, we started to reach out to a lot of different people mostly because we were entering uncharted territory for us. We had both spent time working in the professional world. So we started to branch out and build relationships with lots of people all over the place – church leaders, people in the book publishing and media industries and we found so many amazing people who helped us, supported us and as you know even now the circle of folks who have dedicated their lives to helping girls follow Jesus, be who God made them to be, that circle is a small one but we did find one couple we immediately gravitated to and became friends with for a lot of reasons – Jonathan and Wynter Pitts.

And while I wish Wynter could be here with us (Be sure to go back and listen to her episode – it’s #71), I’m so excited to have Jonathan here for this interview because I know you’re going to be blessed by this conversation. Father to four #pittsgirls, Alena, Kaity, Camryn and Olivia, Jonathan’s heart for God and his girls is so inspirational. To me, he is a modern hero of faith whose friendship has meant so much to our family. Don’t miss today’s episode. It’s gonna bless you to hear all about how the Pitts family is adjusting to life in Tennessee after moving there from Texas. Any Friday Night Lights fans out there? Texas. F O R E V E R.

He also shares a lot about what the Lord is showing him in this season and all about the book he and Wynter wrote together (JP sent in the final manuscript for #Emptiedbook the day Wynter passed away). He’s sharing details and insights for how to approach marriage with intentionality, sacrificial love, and the grace that covers it when we get it wrong.

Other questions from today’s episode include:

  1. Do you feel like the approach to marriage that you and Wynter took relieved any pressure of you feeling like all the other married people you saw were doing it better?
  1. What has it meant to you to carry Wynter’s legacy forward – not just in your shared approach to marriage – but the impact she had in her ministry for girls all over the world?
  1. What’s up next for you and the girls and how can we be praying for you?

Be sure to get over to emptiedbook.com watch the video and download the F R E E devotional. You will NOT regret it!


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