Annie Downs: Never Too Late For Lovely

Annie Downs: Never Too Late For Lovely

Annie Downs: Never Too Late For Lovely

Today’s guest rocks, plain and simple. Annie F. Downs is the author of some amazing books that I read and loved so much. Let’s All Be Brave sang so sweetly my own heart song, and having a one-on-one with Annie for today’s episode is an experience I will cherish because of who she is and because of who God is.  

I’d say I have a pretty healthy creep relationship with Annie’s Instagram feed because I think she’s so fantastic. The other day, she did a quick promo video for her new book and accidentally held it upside down. Did she reshoot it? Nah. She laughed about it and kept going. That’s Annie. She’s real, and she’s cool with a stumble here and there.

Her newest book, Looking For Lovely, just launched and what else is there to say but you need it. It will bless you to know about how God has taken Annie on an incredible journey and showed her how to quit being someone who quits. He showed her that hope isn’t a gift; it’s something we’ve all got to work for, something we’ve got to fight for.

And when decide to do it, something magic begins.

Listen here to this week’s episode “Never Too Late For Lovely” and let us know what you think. We want to hear from you!

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  • I really love Annie ‘s insights about perseverance and hope!! Such an inspirational message about living all of life’s seasons.!! What a blessing to have an opportunity to hear about Annie’s journey!!

    Vicki Ritter on

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