[FREE] Parent's Guide For Setting Up School At Home

[FREE] Parent's Guide For Setting Up School At Home

[FREE] Parent's Guide For Setting Up School At Home

I know all of us are working to make some adjustments in light of the recent developments in response to the COVID-19 virus.
Mama, help is here!
With schools being canceled for the unforeseeable future, I know a lot of you may be asking yourselves what to do and how to support your girls (and boys) to stay on track now that they'll be doing school at home for the next several days.
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I created a free downloadable PDF for you with my Top 6 Tips for setting up a temporary school situation in your home that maintains your peace, sanity, and keeps your students positively moving through their studies and getting done what they need to accomplish.
This is exactly why this community exists: to give you ideas, resources, and help when you need it. I understand that many of you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious right now, and I am here for you! 

You can foster a rich learning experience for your children for as long as these school closures remain in place, and I'm going to help you optimize your home to create a work space and learning environment that meets their needs in exactly the way they learn best.  
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To download this free guide, click here
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Cheering you on!


Are you looking for practical tools and strategies to support your children to learn at home over the next few weeks + resources that will truly make their time at home peaceful, productive, and fun? Be sure to grab my free guide, Top 6 Ways To Make Home...School! You can set your students up for success while they learn at home. 

Would you like support + community as you navigate this time? Check out my new online mentorship for parents, The Heroic Homeschooler. Message me for more information.  

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