Who Are The Bible Belles | Hannah: The Belle of Prayer

Who Are The Bible Belles | Hannah: The Belle of Prayer


“Honest and open communication is the first step in a relationship with God, the revealing of truth from deep inside our own hearts.”

The darkest corners of a girl’s heart are where she hides her truth. Living on the surface a lot of the time are feelings of ugliness, inadequacy, and insecurity. The world will fill her head withYou’re not beautiful and You’re not enough so often she will start to believe it. Those lies creep slowly and early into her conscious mind, and in the process, she will lose a part of herself. Well, no more.

It’s time to battle back against these lies and give our girls something to hold onto, something real, something from God.

That’s why Hannah is the first Belle in our series. She fought that battle on her knees and showed us what it looks like to surrender control, thought, and emotion to God and be used in a powerful way. She is The Belle Of Prayer because her story contains a valuable and timeless lesson that our girls need now: God has gifted them with the ability to speak directly to Him, and He hears everything they have to say. 

This empowers them to make a choice: the choice to be vulnerable, to be honest, to ask Him to enter those dark corners and bring the truth out of hiding. When they do, when our girls decide to call out to Him, He will conquer those confused feelings and replace them with strength, peace, and confidence about who they were created to be.


  • yes I so agree that Hannah is a great Bible Belle to show the young girls who to be in this crazy and dark world!!!


    Georgiana "Gigi" Wentz on

  • I really like the fact that girls are learning the power of prayer at an early age. They will continue to go back to that lesson of prayer over and over throughout their entire lives. What a valuable tool to learn at such a tender age!

    Suzanne Duncan on

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