A Different Kind Of Noise: Faith Over Fear

A Different Kind Of Noise: Faith Over Fear

A Different Kind Of Noise: Faith Over Fear

I’m afraid sometimes. I’ll admit it. Not all the time, but sometimes my imagination pairs up real nicely with my fears as I ask, “God, what exactly are my next steps here?” When that happens, my mind doesn’t just wander; it runs around screaming like my silly naked toddler after her bath.  Only it’s a lot less cute than “Naked Booty Time” and a whole lot more lame and unnecessary.

The truth is that God’s got it. Why is that so freaking hard to remember? Even when I’ve tried my absolute best to ignore, run away, and hide from Him, He is always right there, never letting go. I get so annoyed with myself because life would be a whole lot more simple if I would just remember that. 

We’re pushing forward, and a lot of exciting things are happening. We just finished a party kit so girls can celebrate being a Bible Belle at home. We launched Hannah translated into Spanish. Esther is coming out in a few months. Plumb is on the podcast this week. That’s right. Plumb. God’s clearly doing big things, and we are grateful to be a part of this fantastic journey.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it
-Nelson Mandela


God is in control, so why is it that my brain can’t seem to always remember that? I’ll say it again because I need to hear it, and so do you. God has everything, everything, well in hand. He’s got it. I’m talking to myself when I say, “Seriously, give it up already. Remember His promises. And if you can’t remember them, get into that book, find them, and sit with them a while.”

When we rest in the comfort of His control, it’s amazing how quickly courage can enter. It doesn’t relieve the fear; it doesn’t chase it away. It gives us the will, the obedience, to stand up and keep moving forward because that's what He's calling each of us to do.


  • Wow, Erin!! That was a post that I really needed to read and hear for myself… need to learn how to rest in the comfort of HIS control, to not focus so much on what is going on around me, but rather walking by faith and not by sight… not letting my feelings control or master me, but instead I am controlling and mastering my feelings and emotions.

    Thanks again!


    Georgiana "Gigi" Wentz on

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