Tiffany Thurston: In Full Bloom

Tiffany Thurston: In Full Bloom

Tiffany Thurston: In Full Bloom

Born and raised in Hawaii, my guest today is Tiffany Thurston. Tiffany has been leading worship for the past 18 years. Right out of high school she began serving on the worship team at her local church before joining the staff as both Vocal + Creative Director. In 2007, she moved into full-time touring ministry as the worship leader for the Revolve Tour, Women of Faith’s national teen girl conference.

That same year she began singing as the sole background singer to Christian recording artist, Natalie Grant.

In 2012, she moved back to Hawaii after getting married and started her own conference for teen girls and college ladies in 2013 called the BLOOM Conference, whose mission is to encourage, inspire, equip, and empower the next generation of world changers to “BLOOM where they are planted and become all that God created them to be.” 

Check out today's episode, "In Full Bloom", and hear this soon-to-be mama’s heart for building up and resourcing tomorrow’s leaders in truth, love, and purpose.

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