Tammy Hotsenpiller: Your Own Story

Tammy Hotsenpiller: Your Own Story

Tammy Hotsenpiller: Your Own Story

“Smart people put smarter people around them.”

My guest for today’s episode is Tammy Hotsenpiller. Tammy is an author, speaker, life coach and leader of a national women’s movement. She is the president of Total Life Coach – a coaching company that emphasizes life balance, purpose and reinvention. Tammy is also the founder and executive director of Women of Influence—an organization that seeks to educate and empower women in their spheres of influence – very near and dear to our hearts. Her passion is for equipping others to embrace their natural abilities, personal passions, and spiritual gifts.

The highlights from today’s episode are the stories! God has a story for all of us. We can look back through our lives and see where he has been at work, but we also need to look ahead and see what story he is writing about the days to come. Tammy shares some unbelievable stories about her own journey of faith – how God got a hold of her heart when she was young and she felt his tugging on a mission trip to Haiti. She shares how prayer has been a powerful component to strengthen her relationship with the Lord and how finding time to be with God has impacted her life in powerful ways.

As women, when we embrace our stories, we find freedom, purpose and our ability to influence future generations. 


  • Just found Truth Becomes Her. This is the first of your podcasts and I loved it. Thank you.

    Miranda on

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