Stacey Thacker: An Amazing Invitation

Stacey Thacker: An Amazing Invitation

Stacey Thacker: An Amazing Invitation

I, for one, am a frequent over-user of the word "amazing". In my world, everything is amazing: whether it's Rooney staying in her bed all night without coming to wake me up or the grilled fish tacos we had last night for dinner. According to me, there's a lot of amazing stuff going on. A lot of the time, however, my mood, my attitude, and my ability to be my best self could not be described using that word. Motherhood can be daunting, draining, and debilitating. If we're not careful, it can feel a whole lot less than amazing. 

My guest for today's episode is Stacey Thacker. Stacey is a wife to Mike and the mother of four vibrant girls. She is a writer, speaker, and the founder of Mothers of Daughters, one of my favorite blogs. Her new book is called Fresh Out of Amazing, and in it she breaks down how to deal when you're feeling busy and burdened: overwhelmed, frazzled, and everything in between. 

Check out today's episode, "An Amazing Invitation", and be encouraged as Stacey shares what inspired her to write this new book and how we've all been invited into a life that is nothing short favorite word: amazing (There it is again!).

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Stacey's book Fresh Out of Amazing

Stacey's website


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