Sarah Bragg: Brave and Kind

Sarah Bragg: Brave and Kind

Sarah Bragg: Brave and Kind

"For the sake of your kids, your future kids, you have to stop." 

Today’s guest is Sarah Bragg. Sarah lives in Georgia with her husband Scott and their two beautiful girls, Sinclair and Rory. She worked in full-time ministry for more than 8 years and then alongside those who are in the ministry trenches for more than 10 years with Orange. She’s a graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary and author of the book, Body. Beauty. Boys. The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves. 

She is currently Orange’s content director for the Live a Better Story small group curriculum. You can also find her on iTunes hosting one of my favorite podcasts -- Surviving Sarah -- where she has great conversations with different people in order to help women enjoy and survive where they are in life. 

During today’s episode, Sarah and I catch up about what’s going on over at the Bragg house for back to school, what the transitions to the 3rd and 5th grades has been like for her girls, and the simple motto she used to send her kids off to school this year: “Be brave. Be kind.”

Sarah unpacks her earlier challenges with identity and body image and reveals how the Lord walked alongside her through periods of struggle. She also shares how her writing and professional work impacts her approach to parenting her girls.

There is a ton of wisdom in this week’s interview. Don’t miss it!

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