Moriah Peters: Bravery and Bridges

“Our job is to build bridges with the people we meet. And, if Jesus so happens to walk across, great. Our job is to love people.”

My guest for today’s episode is Moriah Peters. An amazingly talented singer/ songwriter, Moriah is first a brave and loving young woman who is following God with all her heart. 

Moriah grew up outside of Los Angeles in Chino, California – a place known mostly because it’s home to a prison as well as lots of cows. In today’s episode, Moriah shares how she discovered her love of music and that high school was one of the best times in her entire life. After a surprising American Idol audition, she ended up moving to Nashville at 17 to pursue a career in music. She fell in love with and married Joel Smallbone of the band For KING & Country in 2013 (If you haven’t heard Joel’s interview on our podcast, he’s Episode 26!). One year later she released her sophomore album, “Brave”. A few of Rooney’s favorites from this album include “You Carry Me” and “Know Us By Our Love”. 

Check out today’s episode, “Bravery and Bridges”, and hear the story of an amazing young woman who’s working to help the next generation rise up and let go of fear: a generation “whose time has come to break free of what prevents them from changing this world, a generation that has been called to be BRAVE!” 

Erin Weidemann
Erin Weidemann


Erin Weidemann is a teacher turned professional author and speaker. A former college athlete, Erin is also a five-time cancer survivor. She lives in Encinitas, California with her husband Brent and their daughter Rooney. Alongside her husband, she is the co-founder of Bible Belles, a company that helps girls discover real beauty through the female heroes of the Bible.

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