Melanie Mudge: Translating Culture

Melanie Mudge: Translating Culture

Melanie Mudge: Translating Culture

“For every one look we take at ourselves and the culture, we have to take ten looks at Christ.”

-Elizabeth Elliott, Keep a Quiet Heart

Today’s guest is Melanie Mudge. Melanie is originally from Albuquerque, NM, and she currently lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with her husband Josh and their two dogs, Diesel and Denali. Great names. As I prepped for this interview, I learned that Melanie loves cooking Paleo (bless her and anyone else with the ability to cook - I cannot relate), she’s on Pinterest and has so many craft goals, and that she hopes to someday beat her mom at tennis. 

After graduating from the University of New Mexico, she made her way to Manitou Springs, CO to be on summer staff with Summit Ministries, and it was through that experience that she got connected with Axis - which is an incredible organization that works to resource parents and faith leaders to disciple and create legacies of lasting faith for kids. She’s the editor of The Culture Translator weekly email, and the writer and editor of Parent Guides. 

Find out about all this and more during today's episode.

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