Kari Kampakis: Liked vs. Loved

Kari Kampakis: Liked vs. Loved

Kari Kampakis: Liked vs. Loved

Kari is a blogger, author, speaker, and newspaper columnist from Birmingham, Alabama. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, TODAY Parents, and other national outlets. Kari’s first book, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know, has been used widely across the country by teen youth groups and small groups to empower girls through faith. Her new book is called Liked: Whose approval are you living for?

I first came across Kari’s work when I read her 2014 Huffington Post blog “Raising a Kind Daughter”.  Rooney was born that same year. I think it struck me because, well, I want deeply to raise a daughter who is secure enough in who she is that she treats others with love and respect. I pray for that.

Kari is a mom to four daughters, so she understands the need for clear expectations and a well-founded plan for social media. I absolutely loved our conversation because Kari broke down really simple ways that we can set our girls up for success on social media and not shy away from the conversations that need to be had and led by us. Highlights for me include how to keep posts and comments positive online and healthy ways to process negative emotions when our girls come across something online that makes them feel hurt, sad, or uncomfortable.

Check out today’s episode “Liked vs. Loved” and learn how to help your girl understand that her value lies in her identity as a child of God. She is loved and that’s worth so much more than being liked.


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