Jenny Rapson: Mom Enough

Jenny Rapson: Mom Enough

Jenny Rapson: Mom Enough

“God made her and God is going to take care of her.”

My guest for today’s episode is Jenny Rapson. Married to her high school sweetheart, Jenny is the mom of two boys and a girl and a life-long Ohioan.  That means she’s from Ohio. 

She loves Jesus, family, coupons, Veronica Mars, chewy sweet tarts, and writing her bio (A girl after my own heart!). She curates and edits the content of one of my favorite sites,, a place where all moms can come for daily encouragement, laughs, and inspiration.

Jenny’s heart for moms shines through during this episode as she shares about how she and her cousin Emily started Mommin’ It Up, their first creative space on the internet. We talked about how Jenny made the Switch to For Every Mom and how the content has blessed her own mothering journey.

Don’t miss this week’s episode, “Mom Enough,” and rest in the truth that even the whole motherhood thing is hard, God had it handled when He picked you for the job. 

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