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July 21, 2016


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Elise Boggs: Character and Excellence

Why is leadership so important, and how do we inspire it in ourselves and our kids? 

My guest for episode 20 is Elise Boggs. Elise is a leadership expert whose passion in life is "equipping the next generation of marketplace leaders to change the world". For the past several years, she has been a professor in southern California-based universities, teaching leadership theory and a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate courses. As a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, her expertise lies in problem solving and other leadership-related challenges.

Check out today's episode: "Character and Excellence" and listen as Elise breaks down some practical tools for parents who want to help their kids build real values like self-acceptance, kindness, and the confidence to be who God created them to be.

Links for Today's Show

Elise's website

Psychology Today article: "Why We Need to Teach Kids Emotional Intelligence"

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Erin Weidemann
Erin Weidemann


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