Bible Belles Birthday Episode

Bible Belles Birthday Episode

Bible Belles Birthday Episode

EPISODE 25 –  Happy Birthday, Bible Belles!

Happy birthday to us . . . Bible Belles is turning ONE! Brent, Rooney, and I have been celebrating all week in Hawaii! We started this company one year ago, and today marks the 25th episode of our Heroes For Her podcast! For this special occasion, we're doing things a little bit differently. Today's guests are the other humans that make up Team Bible Belles: Brent Weidemann (our first male guest!) and our content manager Jess Delgado. Note: Jess' first appearance on the podcast was in Episode 1 - if you haven't listened to that one yet, be sure you do! 

In this episode, you’ll hear stories from the past year and how we went from an idea on the way home from church to being months away from releasing our third book! We've had lots of challenges and awesome milestones along the way, and I loved getting a chance to sit down with my people and talk through this incredible year and all that God has done. 

Don’t miss this week’s episode, "Happy Birthday, Bible Belles!", and feel free to run around cheering and throwing confetti in the air. That's what we're doing!

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