Lauren "Lolo" Scruggs Kennedy: Walking In Faith and In Style

Magazine editor. Fashion blogger. Style expert. Author of two books. Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is a busy newlywed. She’s doing a ton, but she found some time to be with us and share a little bit about what she’s up to.

Despite losing her eye and hand in a plane accident, Lauren’s joy for living and rich faith have given her a platform to reach out to the next generation of girls. Hers is a story of God’s protection and unending love for all of His children.. Her books Still Lolo and Your Beautiful Heart share stories and lessons from her life, and she honestly and openly tells about the powerful ways God has moved in her life.

The blessings continue! Lauren has teamed up with pro surfer Bethany Hamilton to create a yearly retreat for girls who have lost a limb, bringing them together for support and encouragement. Her new venture, The Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, will focus on providing beautiful prostheses for woman in need.

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Erin Weidemann
Erin Weidemann


Erin Weidemann is a teacher turned professional author and speaker. A former college athlete, Erin is also a five-time cancer survivor. She lives in Encinitas, California with her husband Brent and their daughter Rooney. Alongside her husband, she is the co-founder of Bible Belles, a company that helps girls discover real beauty through the female heroes of the Bible.

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Vernita S
Vernita S

February 13, 2016

I praise God for such an amazing interview. Lauren shares her story so openly and she’s very transparent. And this is what young ladies need to see. She’s such a fine example of what it means to see yourself as God see you. I believe God has a specific plan and purpose for each of us and He has placed skills, talents, potential and greatness inside to do what we thought we never could. And most definitely, we can rise above our past because we’re not defined by it. As we look to Jesus and maintain unshakeable faith in Him, we can move forward and be a vessel for Him to work thru. And I agree with Sherri McLean that young women need positive role models. Undoubtedly, that’s what Lauren is. Thanks Erin for a thorough and intriguing interview.

Sherri McLean
Sherri McLean

February 04, 2016

It’s nice to hear women of faith discuss issues impacting young women today. It’s important for young women to have positive role models. What a great inspiration Lauren Scruggs is! She is a very open and honest young lady and I enjoyed so much listening to her. Your connection to God was so refreshing. Erin, you did such a wonderful job leading the conversation!

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