Jamie Ivey: The Fun Stuff

Jamie Ivey: The Fun Stuff

Jamie Ivey: The Fun Stuff

My guest for episode 17 is Jamie Ivey. Jamie is wife to Aaron and mama to four kids. She started blogging 10 years ago to keep her family and friends up to speed on their adoption adventures. Now, she's the host of the "The Happy Hour", pretty much one of the best podcasts out there if you want to sit and listen to a girl and a friend talk about all the real stuff. The best!

On the show, Jamie shares why she started the blog in the first place and how it morphed into sharing so much more with the rest of the world. It's simple, in her words. "I want women to be encouraged, I want them to have fun, I want them to be inspired and I want them to love Jesus more." 

I loved talking to Jamie because she's real and because it's fun to talk about the fun stuff. Sitting around with your girlfriends and talking about, you know, whatever. There is some serious magic in that. The topic can be serious or completely ridiculous. For us girls, it's more about just being together. Sitting, sharing, laughing, and saying whatever comes to mind without fear of judgment and without having to hold anything back. 

That's really what having a voice is all about. So, listen to today's episode, "The Fun Stuff." It's a great reminder that, as parents, we get to do other stuff besides work. And sometimes we have to talk about tampons. 

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"The Happy Hour" podcast


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