Why Your Girl Needs Positive Role Models (And Where To Find Them)

Why Your Girl Needs Positive Role Models (And Where To Find Them)

Why Your Girl Needs Positive Role Models (And Where To Find Them)

Not too long ago, I was asked to speak at American Heritage Girls leaders conference. Here was the title of my talk:
Designed to Lead: Aligning His Creation with Our Influence
Afterwards, I was approached by several troop leaders that were positively impacted and who found the talk to be encouraging and thought-provoking.
Many of them asked me what is the best way to help young girls understand more about how God can use women powerfully in His story.

Want to know what it is? 

Role models.

Role models are the number one way to positively influence the next generation of female leaders.

Merriam-Webster defines a role model as “a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others.” If we want to help our daughters unlock their potential, and become the women God created them to be, we need to get serious about showing our daughters positive women whose behavior they might imitate.

The women who can positively affect how a girl sees herself and her own potential. They are women who will serve as the evidence that God is alive and at work in each one of our stories, including their own.

Our girls need to see and experience the stories of other women both intimately and in action. They need to see a diverse group of women who live authentically, seek God consistently, and step boldly into the opportunities He lays before them. They need to see women saying Yes to those opportunities, not because they have all the answers or can see the path ahead, but because it’s what God is telling them to do. There is power in allowing girls to be influenced by positive role models, both around the world and in their local communities.

Here are three quick and easy tips for creating opportunities for your daughter to learn from role models:

  1. Plan an in-home event for your daughter and some friends. Invite a role model to come speak to the group about her life, experiences, struggles, and faith.
  2. Take your daughter to see the work of a positive role model who shares her interests, hobbies, or talents.
  3. Ask someone you respect and admire if they might be willing to invest their time and meet with your daughter for a season. Non-parental mentorship can be life-changing for kids!

The women who show up for God, who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, who don’t let their own fear stand in the way of what God can do with only a little bit of faith. Those are the women our daughters need in their lines of sight. They are the ones whose examples will ignite a new generation of young women who will do the work God has for them.

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

Question: When it comes to finding role models for your daughter, what is your single biggest challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

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