The Silent Majority

The Silent Majority

The Silent Majority

Most girls struggle to be themselves, love themselves as the original person God created, and really believe that their voices matter. I have spent the last several years teaching, coaching, and mentoring young women of all ages and backgrounds, so I’ve heard these statements (or versions of them) countless times.

“I don’t feel like anyone is listening.”

“Nobody understands how I feel.”

“It’s like I’m standing in a crowded room screaming and no one even looks up.”

They feel invisible. And their visibility, a lot of the time, directly affects how they perceive their own worth. So they learn to behave in ways that allow them to be and feel seen. They observe how others perceive/judge their physical form and allow these observations to guide their behavior as they work to gain acceptance. They start looking for something different to wear, to put on, so attention will shift. So people will take notice. So people will see them.

This is right where the problem exists. Back in the olden timey days our parents were told that children should be seen and not heard. As a result, children are growing increasingly more obsessed with being seen because it makes them feel valuable. In the process, their voices remain silent.

Again, if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?  1 Corinthians 14:8

To help our girls live inspired lives where they truly understand and live into God’s design of them, there needs to be a complete and intentional shift in focus toward things unseen. It’s on us mamas to help them realize that their value lies in what God placed inside them, what He says about who they are.

How do we do it? Well, we’re going to do it from the inside out. We are going to build inside them character so strong, so solid, that they aren’t concerned with the things of this world. Instead they are focused on the Lord, secure in who they are, and unconcerned about how they are seen by others.

Mamas, we are going to teach them to hear when the trumpet sounds a clear call, and we are going to train them to be ready for battle.    


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