The Cost Of Helping Others

The Cost Of Helping Others

The Cost Of Helping Others

Helping people isn’t easy sometimes. Am I right?

People are complicated.

Sometimes it can seem a whole lot easier to just, well, leave them alone. After all, can’t I just stay over here and you stay over there and we’ll all handle our business and be fine? Not exactly. 

Do you want to encourage your girl to do one thing to help others this week? Here’s a simple way to guide the conversation:

First, have your girl think about a person, event, or activity that recently impacted her in a positive way. Ask her to write down a few words that represent how she felt. Did she feel loved? Energized? Peaceful? Understood?

Second, have her think of someone she knows who needs to feel that way. Who in her life needs to feel one of those positive feelings?  

Third, write down the person’s name and help your girl brainstorm one thing she can do this week to make that happen. It might make her squirm a little. Tell her that a lot of the time, the cost of helping others is our own comfort.

It’s not about having the right skill or ability to help. It’s about having the right attitude. An attitude that says, “I know the cost of helping others, and I pay it willingly.”

Have an awesome day!

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