How To Have An Unwavering Spirit In Uncertain Times

How To Have An Unwavering Spirit In Uncertain Times

How To Have An Unwavering Spirit In Uncertain Times

The future is female.

It wasn’t too long ago you’d hear or see that phrase around town or across the internet. As captions on social or on stickers, t-shirts and coffee mugs.  

But right now it feels like the future is far from anything except uncertain, worrisome, and downright grim

The truth is life is filled with uncertainty and worries about the future. While many things remain outside our control, our mindset is the key to coping with difficult circumstances and confidently facing the unknown.

For girls, in particular, they need a mindset shift now more than ever. Our daughters need to develop the essential qualities that will see them through these unsettling times. Your girl needs a map to inhabit traits like grit, resilience, and adaptability. 

Developing these traits will be the key to her mental health and whether or not she will fully flourish, despite all that’s going on around her. 

What your girl really needs is a faith that will stand the test of these hard times. 

Because these two statements will always be true:

  1. We live in uncertain times.
  2. Our hope is certain when we anchor ourselves to the Author of all HOPE. 

 We can foster these critical twenty-first-century skills in our girls and help them to recognize and develop their inherent strengths—not just to thrive but to find joy, peace, and purpose as they come of age.

Because what we choose to do in the present will affect their future. 

Have an awesome day!


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