Technology and Your Girl

Technology and Your Girl

Technology and Your Girl

What does it take to raise a girl who cares more about the real world than the digital one?

Can her relationship with technology be different, even healthy? 

The answer is YES. 

No matter what stage or season your girl is in, chances are the battles over things like screen time and smart phones have already begun. 

Maybe you've noticed that your daughter acts like a totally different person when it’s time to turn off the TV or hand over the device.

You've experienced the pushback when it's time to transition away from a device that causes your sweet girl to act like the world is coming to an end. 

Why does this happen?

Mom. Mentor. You want her to develop healthy habits regarding her technology use, but how exactly do you do it? Tech is integrated into our daily lives, and it’s extremely convenient…except when it has its hooks in us.

How do we teach our girls to manage their use of technology, both now and in the future? How do you keep your girl’s life from one day revolving around her smartphone?

We know technology has a strong pull on our girls. It can have consequences on their development, both physical and psychological. We all want our daughters to develop their character and life skills -- not chase amusement to the extent that it impairs or endangers their livelihood.

If you’re tired of battling over screens, or anxious about the battles that are coming down the road, I have good news for you. 

You don’t have to fear your daughter’s attachment to technology -- you can help her manage it and develop habits that will positively shape the way she interacts with the world (both digital and physical) as she grows.

Come be a part of our online study, Technology and Your Girl, created by my friend Arlene Pellicane! Arlene is my go-to resource when it comes to girls and all things tech-related. She’s written several books encouraging families to develop better digital habits for a more balanced life, Parents Rising, Calm, Cool, and Connected, and Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World alongside Dr. Gary Chapman.

This mentorship is going to give you exactly what you need: education + resources + tools so that you can have productive, empowering discussions and interactions with your daughter regarding her use of technology.

With technology being so integrated into the way we connect in the modern world, we have to confront its disadvantages head-on -- and equip your girl with frameworks that will help her thrive in a distracted world. 

Would that be something you’d like to gain? Clarity on setting expectations around technology and your girl? There is a “sweet spot” .. you just have to find it. That’s what this study is all about.

Teach your girl how to handle technology before it handles her. Come be part of this study. We are kicking things off on April 5th -- click here to join now!



  • Thank you for giving to the Lord in this arena. I look forward to benefiting from one who approaches the things that are from scripturally founded perspectives, practically for today.

    Aunt LINDA PRINCE on

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