The HEARD Series

Hannah. Esther. Abigail. Ruth. Deborah. Five stories to help you lay a foundation of faith with your girl and teach her the powers of prayer, patience, bravery, loyalty, and leadership. Take your girl on a journey to develop her faith and strengthen her identity as she learns how to apply biblical truths to the challenges she faces in her daily life.


Hannah: The Belle of Prayer

Kids Books About Prayer

From the best-selling children's books series, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz, Bible Belles presents the first installment of the HEARD series, Hannah: The Belle of Prayer.

In this first book of the Bible Belles HEARD series, you’ll meet our main character, Rooney Cruz. After a rough day at school, Rooney makes a shocking discovery: superheroes are real, and she’s one of them! Through the story of Hannah, Rooney learns how powerful prayer can be and that she can use it to talk to God, no matter what kind of difficult challenge she faces.


Esther: The Belle of Patience

Kids Books About Patience

The second book in the Bible Belles HEARD series is Esther: The Belle of Patience. Learning to wait and trust God’s timing are difficult to master, so Rooney gets an inside look into Esther’s story to see how she gets it done. As she watches Esther struggle to save her people, Rooney learns how to handle her own conflict on the soccer field by allowing God to lead her in His perfect time.


Abigail: The Belle of Bravery

Kids Books About Bravery

The third book in the Bible Belles HEARD series, Abigail: The Belle of Bravery finds Rooney in the midst of a serious challenge. After a tough afternoon with her brother and some neighborhood kids, Rooney faces some difficult choices. Can she be brave enough to do the right thing? Through the story of Abigail, Rooney learns that she can call upon the courage of God to boldly face any problem with confidence. He will see her through it!


Ruth: The Belle of Loyalty

Kids Books About Loyalty

In Ruth: The Belle of Loyalty, Rooney faces her most difficult challenge yet. She wants to be a good friend, but it turns out that’s not as easy as it seems. When she finds out her friend Dani is having a tough time at home, Rooney tries to encourage her. But Dani turns away and shuts her out. Can Rooney choose to love faithfully and put the needs of her friend ahead of her own? This book shows young readers the power of real loyalty and true friendship.


Deborah: The Belle of Leadership

Kids Books About Leadership

Rooney Cruz is ready for lights, camera, and ACTION in the fifth and final installment of the Bible Belles HEARD series! This book shines the spotlight on Deborah: The Belle of Leadership. As Rooney and her classmates prepare to take center stage in the school play, they’re struggling to get along and work together. When Rooney sees how Deborah takes charge and leads from a posture of love, sacrifice, and service, will she be inspired to do the same?



“Now that you know God wants you to be HEARD, it’s time to find out what He wants you to say.”

In this highly-anticipated sequel to the Bible Belles HEARD series, fans of Rooney Cruz and the women in the Bible alike will be inspired to use their voices for the good of others and God’s glory as they lean into their calling with grace and grit as the next generation of leaders.

No one is more excited than Rooney at the announcement of the upcoming school play. She envisions the whole thing with her in the spotlight: the star of the show. But when she finds out she didn’t get the role she wanted, Rooney turns to the women of the Bible to show her there’s someone else meant for center stage, and her life and leadership can be leveraged to shine the spotlight on Him.

RINGLEADERS highlights the stories of six women in the New Testament who played important roles in bringing the message of the gospel to the world for the very first time. Follow Rooney as she discovers what being a Ringleader is all about: living, loving, and leading in light of eternity.

Ringleaders: Journal for Mothers and Daughters

Who’s up for some quality mother-daughter time? The perfect compliment to the Bible Belles RINGLEADERS book and devotional, this journal is designed to help mothers and daughters connect with the gospel through stories of women in the New Testament. It includes simple and thought-provoking journal prompts, pages for drawing and list-making, as well as plenty of free space for writing about whatever comes to mind.

RINGLEADERS fans will discover God’s love and purpose for them with this interactive journal. If you’ve ever wanted your girl to experience the benefits of journaling daily, your search for meaningful girl gifts is over. Connecting consistently with God’s Word. It’s the perfect way to grow her faith and your relationship as mother and daughter together.


Ringleaders Kids Coloring Book

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