HEARD - A Devotional for Girls (Digital)

$ 24.99

Want to help your girl find and use the voice God gave her? These devotionals can help! Packed with real-life applications, activities, and discussion guides, our devotionals will have her hooked...and now you can bundle all 5!

Give your girl the opportunity this summer to interact with five extraordinary women whose character you would be proud to have her emulate. Use the next few weeks to create opportunities for her to learn from these women and grow in character and confidence.

This Digital Devotional includes:

  • A digital download of each devotional 
  • Five, 7-day studies tailored for moms and their kids (41 pages total)
  • Daily lessons and easy takeaways for girls ages 4-10
  • Activities for moms to help guide their girls in prayer, scripture memory, and the themes of the scripture.

Bible Belles: A Beginning

People ask Brent and me all the time, “Hey, how’d you guys come up with the idea for Bible Belles?”

Here’s that story.

We needed a birthday gift for our niece Hannah and thought it would be cool to rewrite the Bible story of the woman who shares her name. Hannah was a great, godly woman and our niece could learn about humility, strength, and trust in the Lord. I wrote the story, and Brent illustrated the cover.

We gave our niece the book, and we were surprised to find out that she and her sister weren’t really familiar with the story of Hannah. We asked around, and it turned out that a lot of girls just aren’t familiar with that story or the stories of many other women in the Bible.

However, the girls we talked to could name all of the Disney Princesses. If they can do that, we thought, why not women of the Bible?

After our “Girls should know about these women” moment, Bible Belles was born. We started working on our first manuscript and, three years later, we are launching our first book: Hannah: The Belle of Prayer.

Erin Weidemann
(Creator of Bible Belles)