What people are saying about Bible Belles...

“Thanks to Bible Belles and Heroes for Her, our daughters will learn at an early age to walk fearlessly into their God-breathed destinies."
-Lisa Bevere, Best-Selling Author
"I thank God for this inspiring and fun resource for children! Girls will particularly relate to the encouraging and relevant storylines."
- Dr. Denise Enete
"Young girls today are given plenty of models of womanhood, and as every parent knows, not all of them are good. By contrast, Bible Belles draws attention to the clear models of feminine strength and virtue throughout Scripture. May more young girls catch a vision of all God intends for them through this needed project."
- Katelyn Beaty, Managing Editor of Christianity Today

“We need our families to teach their children the core Christian values found in The Adventures of Rooney Cruz.  The series is an excellent resource for parents, schools and churches to present Biblical role models to our young girls.”
- Pastor Lou Sheldon, Founder, Traditional Values Coalition

"A must read! Bible Belles brilliantly reveals the truth about beauty for today's modern girl."
- Dr. Ted Vickey, Former Executive Director of the White House Athletic Center

"The Bible Belles series beautifully bridges the gap between today's modern girl and the ancient wisdom of the Bible. In an approach that is refreshing and real, Rooney Cruz discovers that the strength and truth she so desperately needs has been available to her all along. In a world full of flash-bang popularity and sensationalized media, the Bible Belles give our girls a timeless, unshakable foundation on which to grow into strong, beautiful women, from the inside out."
- Amy Parker, Award Winning Children's Author


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