Kids Coloring Pages

Need a moment of peace? Download these free coloring pages for your kids and listen to the soothing sound of crayon on paper.

Christian Coloring BookHey moms, we get it...
There are times when you need a break, and coloring is a go to activity that will engage and entertain your kids while also giving you a minute to think. But to us, that’s sort of a bonus that comes second to the delight and creativity that are born when a small person sits down in front of an open coloring book and puts crayon - or marker or pen or colored pencil - to paper. Their eyes light up as they carefully choose their hues (“Choose their hues” - Man, our rhyming game is on point today). Their little eyes search the paper to find just the right spot to begin. They ask themselves the burning question: Should I go traditional or wild and crazy?

No matter their artistic style or preference, our coloring pages will allow them to do what coloring does for kids: improve skills like focus, color and texture awareness, hand eye coordination, repetition, patience, concentration, perseverance, self-expression, attention to detail, and a long list of others.

Click on any of the kids coloring pages below to view and download them.