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This fun, Christian storybook series is great for pre and early readers age 4-8 and independent readers age 9 and 10. The devotional book contains five, 7-day devotionals. 80 pages of memory verses, activities, crafts, prayers, and more to help you guide your child through conversations about: Identity, God's Love, Beauty, and Purpose.


  • 5 Books APPROX. W 9" x H 11.5"
  • Hardback Yearbook Quality
  • 56 Glossy Pages
  • Devotional is APPROX. W 6" x H 9"
  • Soft Cover
  • 80 Pages


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The Story of

We needed a birthday gift for our niece Hannah and thought it would be cool to rewrite the Bible story of the woman who shares her name. Hannah was a great, godly woman and our niece could learn about humility, strength, and trust in the Lord. I wrote the story, and Brent illustrated the cover.

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Hear What Others Have To Say

My girls loved the illustrations, the characters and quite simply we loved the story! Thank you for the reminder that with God we can be brave and have the courage to do what's right no matter what. Things may be difficult but nothing is impossible for God!

- Teresa M.

Designed by a former Disney Animator and Veggietales Designer!

I have 4 little Belles and one sweet Beau. They ALL enjoy your books. We love how the storyline builds on itself and leaves us all excited for what happens next time! What most struck my heart though is that it was so relatable to them. They ALL said that Rooney seems "just like me!"

- Lee F.

Made In The USA

“Aaron must wear it when he ministers. The sound of the bells will be heard when he enters the Holy Place before the LORD and when he comes out, so that he will not die.”

Exodus 28:35 (NIV)

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HEARD Book Bundle & Devotional

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I haven’t gotten them yet

Wonderful for ALL kids!

I purchased the Bible Belle series of books for my granddaughters who are still quite young but my 2 slightly older grandsons absolutely love the books, which actually surprised me! They ask me to read them every time they come over, and they are 5 & 3 and definitely rough and tumble boys! So, when is there a series coming out for boys?? I do appreciate what you are doing for the little girls needing biblical role models but there are obviously wonderful stories the boys need to hear as well, since they also love the Bible Belle books! Wonderful stories they love to hear and learn from! Thank-you for writing this series.

Bible Belles

“The truth becomes her”... A marvellous series I am sharing with my three granddaughters. We are hoping that they intern will have Bible studies with their friends using them. I love how the super powers are individually named in each of these biblical heroines!

We all need role models and the sooner we get good ones the better our lives will result!

We need a series now for boys!

Well done to the creators! One day you will hear those words from God in heaven!

My daughter LOVES THESE!

Such a beautiful introduction to some of the women rooted in faith in God for lil girls to look up to! Written intelligently w modern day scenarios that girls may encounter while tying in the messages and lessons God gave us through His "bible belles". We loved the entire Heard series!