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Finally. It’s here: a children's book series for girls that helps parents guide the conversation about beauty.

Moms, we know that this world has a lot to tell our girls about beauty, and it is LOUD. Sometimes the truth can fall on deaf ears. But what if we could help our girls know their value, know real beauty, before the world gets too loud? What if the story your daughter knew was not how she’d never measure up, but how treasured she is? What if she knew the truth from the beginning?

What if we could help our girls make a different kind of noise? Check out our children's books below:

Putting The "Her" In Hero

An engaging, high-quality Christian book series for kids, “The Adventures of Rooney Cruz” is a series unlike any other. Rooted in truth and the firm foundation of God’s word, “The Adventures of Rooney Cruz” takes girls on a journey to discover true beauty, God’s love, and their unique purpose.

Virtues From The Bible

Prayer, Patience, Bravery, Loyalty and Leadership. From the moment you found out you were going to be a girl mom, you’ve thought about your daughter’s heart and that you’re charged with teaching her what she needs to know. We’re here to give you the tools you need to talk to your girl about what’s beautiful according to God. After all, His is the ultimate measure of beauty. These books focus on cultivating a beautiful heart and nurturing the qualities that make a truly beautiful woman, empowering girls to stop mimicking the world’s definition of beauty and instead, make a different kind of noise.

A Frame Character Children Connect With

Rooney Cruz is a modern day 9 year old girl who gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the Bible Belles and discover the hero inside herself. While most children’s bible stories are a summary of events, Rooney Cruz offers readers a way to really connect with the female Bible heroes. In each book, Rooney faces a real world problem and learns how to use her God-given superpowers to address it. Rooney teaches today’s girls how to wield the powers of Prayer, Patience, Bravery, Loyalty and Leadership in their own lives, too.

A Chance For Moms To Pour In

For the first time, you get the chance to discuss your faith with your kids in context, in a way that makes sense for them. These books were designed to spark an honest conversation between moms and daughters about how God measures beauty, as well as their purpose in this world. Since our frame character is unfamiliar with the biblical world, she’s prone to asking questions–a lot of questions–which gives you the perfect opportunity to teach your girl about what she’s reading and how your own experiences and lessons have shaped you.

Positive Role Models For Girls

Girls need role models. They need real heroes who reinforce the right values and virtues. These days, there’s no shortage of women who are successful in their chosen field (which we think is AWESOME, by the way), and a lot of the time the ones who are loudest are the ones who get noticed. But where are the real heroes: women who pray, women with a heart to serve, women who lead with their values? They’re out there, but their stories have been drowned out by the overwhelming narrative of the world. Well, not anymore. It’s time for the sound of the Belles to be HEARD.

Quality To Keep Her Attention

We wanted to give girls the kind of experience they would cherish, now and forever. We chose a larger size and thick glossy pages. We even hired a former Disney Animator for crying out loud! We are dedicated to helping girls connect with these stories, and high quality is one of the ways we accomplish that.