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How to do School at Home with Confidence During Covid-19

How to do School at Home with Confidence!


"I don't want my kids to fall behind, but I don't know what to do.”

I can't tell you how many times I've heard statements like this one over the past few weeks. Parents are desperate to meet their children's needs. I'm not a trained teacher. I'm being pulled in a thousand different directions all at once. I flat out don't have time to do this.

You know there must be something you can do, but you have no idea what, when, or how. Especially as a mother, you go over it again and again in your mind: What rhythm and routine could you possibly set up that would get school at home in balance and on track?

… Does the plan for that situation exist?

Is it possible to motivate your children during this time instead of fighting with them at every turn -- is there a roadmap to keep them excited and engaged -- so that you can give them exactly what they need?


The Heroic Homeschooler

Approx. 2H 45M Total Runtime

- 6 Masterclass Videos

- Access To Our Private Online Community

- Interactive Coaching from Erin Weidemann and Our Team

- Bonus Video #1 : How The Heck Do I Choose Curriculum?

- Bonus Video #2 : Homeschooling for Significance, Not Success

- Bonus Blueprint PDF : The Heroic Homeschooler’s Guide to Kingdom Leadership

Is This Course For Me?

This course is perfect for you if you...

— are trying to juggle your children doing school while you’re working from home

— don’t want your students to fall behind and you aren’t even sure what would help

— have your kids set up for distance or e-learning but you need help creating a workable structure for the day

— are frustrated by the materials (or lack of materials) that your child’s school has provided and need a solution

— need guidance for keeping everyone on track while you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions

— are struggling having everyone home and trying to meet each family member’s individual needs

— think you need more hours in the day to make this work!

This course is not for you if...

— feel fully supported by your child’s school and that you have everything you need to be successful

— aren’t having trouble keeping your children motivated, focused, and on track

— are able to meet the individual learning needs of each of your children

— already have the supplies, knowledge, and support that you need in this season

A Note from Your Instructor

My name is Erin Weidemann, and the moment our family decided to do school at home, I almost buckled under the pressure of it all.

I imagined eyes rolling with boredom and frustrated shouting matches with my daughter, and it was only Kindergarten. And I'm a credentialed teacher.

I taught, coached, and mentored students of all ages and backgrounds in public and private schools for over 15 years. But when it came to my own child, I was overwhelmed with the thought of teaching her when I didn't have any home education experience.

How could I set up a schedule and classroom rhythm that worked for us and choose the right lessons and activities — and stay connected at the same time? How could I keep her focused? To respect me as her teacher, mentor, and leader?  

I realized I needed more than some tools and a couple of free PDFs. I needed community: a place where like-minded women with the same goals and dreams could gather, and grow, so we could learn how to guide our children down the path that was designed for each of them.

That's why I created Truth Becomes Her. It's a safe place for us to gain the courage and tools we need to equip and empower the children we love -- the next generation of loving, compassionate leaders.  

You have been placed in this position, in this season, for a reason. And you do not walk this road alone!

In your corner,

Erin Weidemann

A Mentorship Series Designed to Equip and Empower You

The Heroic Homeschooler is a mentorship series that allows women to own their influence and lead their children to live, learn, and grow well at home.

This series is focused on training and application -- you are not in this alone. You’ll absorb the lessons and then learn how to make the principles practical with your child.

You can expect to be fully supported as you make your way through this series. Here is what's coming:

Video 1

Brand New? 3 Tips Before You Even Start

"School is cancelled. My kids are home and I've got to manage their schoolwork, my work, and a million other things. Help!" Here's how to create and maintain a peace-filled environment that also lends itself to productivity and practicality for your children...and for you.

Runtime: 16:31

Video 2

The 4 Traditional School Rules Your Family Needs To Break Immediately

Does the pressure to replicate the traditional school day have you feeling totally overwhelmed? Here are the four school rules I'm giving you permission, not just to break, but to throw completely out the window.

Runtime: 25:25

Video 3

The Secret To Adapting Your Kids To At-Home Learning

In general, life has slowed way down while your family switches gears and gets used to the new normal. Learn how to set new expectations so your children will welcome, not resist, learning at home.

Runtime: 17:34

Video 4

How To Use Your Family's Values To Inspire Your Home School

Kindness. Unity. Flexibility. Generosity. Values bind us together, yet they differ from family to family. Find out how to use your family's value system to steady the perspectives and behaviors of each family member.

Runtime: 20:07

Video 5

The Routine And Rhythm That Will Actually Work For Your Family

All of us experience some degree of “time pressure” – and our kids are no different. Discover how to work with your children to establish a structure and learning environment that works for everyone.

Runtime: 22:24

Video 6

Overcoming Fear And Failure In This Season

In this season of motherhood all of the tasks we're managing have increased...exponentially. Learn a proven framework for tackling fear head on, even when you're feeling more pressure and stress than normal.

Runtime: 14:02

Wow, this was the encouragement I needed. It has been a rough couple of weeks and your video and references have given me something to focus on in preparation for working at home with a 4 year old!

- Jennifer M.

I love being able to teach my kids. It has been a true blessing. You have been a gift to me, and I love your passion to teach moms!

- Moné A.

I’ve loved that this has given me solid homeschooling basics while also giving practical parenting tools that actually work for unique scenarios. Thanks so much!

- Courtney C.

Benefits of Our Private Community

This is a community you’re going to love. Our team will regularly post videos, new podcast episodes, and other helpful content for you to use and share. You’ll be able to ask questions and talk through the unique challenges and frustrations you're experiencing and get the help you need.  

Benefits of Joining this Private Group:

* Interactive Coaching from Our Team

* Support from Other Women in the Program

* Space to Share Victories and Challenges

* Our Team (& Others) Answer Your Questions

* Accountability to Keep Working through the Program

* Fellowship with Like-Minded Mamas


(Regularly $199)

Limited Time Offer

6 Masterclass Videos

Access To Our Private Online Community

Interactive Coaching from Me and Our Team

[BONUS] Video: How The Heck Do I Choose Curriculum?
($195 Value)

[BONUS] Video: Homeschooling for Significance, Not Success ($250 Value)

[BONUS] PDF: The Heroic Homeschooler's Guide to Kingdom Leadership ($29 Value)

What Would It Be Like If You Could Confidently Prepare Your Children for Life’s Challenges and Watch Them Thrive in the Face of Adversity?

Our world is noisy -- full of competing voices, images, and influences. As women, we are all constantly battling to discredit the world’s messages and communicate God’s truth to our children...and to ourselves.

When you choose to join the Truth Becomes Her movement, you are rejecting confusion, frustration, and fear. You are choosing to be strategic about teaching your children to recognize their worth and to understand all that they have to offer.

Regardless of what you believe, your background, your past or current struggles, we know that all of our sons and daughters need a foundation for their personal development that is rooted in solid, healthy principles.

With The Heroic Homeschooler program, you’ll finally have the words and strategies you’ve been looking for to help them get exactly what they need to thrive.


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