The Why, The How, And The Who

The Why, The How, And The Who

The Why, The How, And The Who

Find out what we’re all about!

In this podcast episode, we are (well, I am) talking about exactly what it is we’re doing here. There have been many interesting challenges along the way (click here to read about how we got started), and this podcast is one more exciting step as we uncover what God is doing.

Show Notes:

This is the beginning, Episode ZERO, the episode where I tell you all about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and who they heck we even are.

We started a podcast? How come? It really began with a question: Where are all of the positive female role models? We know they exist, but they seem to be buried under the weight of culture, a culture of girls who are obsessed with the way they look and who think very little about the way they treat others.

I used to be this kind of girl, the one who looks in the mirror and then spends a lot of time trying to change what she sees. Trying to look different. Trying to be different. I was the kind of girl that would mask my feelings of insecurity and self-doubt by letting cruel words fly out of my mouth. Being rude was what I felt I needed to be to be attractive and taken seriously.

It took a lot of mistakes and a cancer diagnosis (read more here) for me to figure out that maybe this was not a great way to live. I grew up, got married, and then I found out that I was going to be a mom. A mom to a daughter. Then, it hit me like a brick wall.

How in the world am I going to help my girl deal with what’s ahead of her: a world that will tell her lies about who she really is? As I fumble my way along, searching for a solution to this problem, the answer stares back at me: she needs to know what true beauty is, who defines it, who has it, and who she can look to for inspiration while she’s out there trying to figure it out.

This podcast is for the people out there who care about the next generation of girls. It’s for the people who are tired of what the world tells our girls they need to be in order to be beautiful. It’s for those of you who are sick of watching the girls of this world feel ugly, sad, and worthless and then let those feelings dictate how they treat people.

If you want the narrative to change, if you want the girls of this world to realize they are beautiful, loved, and made for a bigger purpose, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome home.

Thanks for joining me for our “Heroes For Her” podcast series! Don’t just subscribe. Connect with us. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and all the usual places. Join us, and let’s show girls everywhere what real beauty is all about.


  • Was finally able to listen to a podcast…I listened to the first one. Looking forward to more.

    Lana on

  • I love that Erin is interviewing women about teaching the next generation of girls to look toward their inner beauty. She really brings out the inspiring side of these role models in the Heroes for Her Series. Lauren works in such a glossy, glitzy world, but she shares her thoughts about fashion and girls with a lot of poise and grace. Erin is so down-to-earth and warm. She makes you feel like you’re just sitting down with a couple of girlfriends over coffee.

    Lee Ann on

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