Kim Dolan Leto: Working Out Your Worth

Kim Dolan Leto: Working Out Your Worth

Kim Dolan Leto: Working Out Your Worth

How many times in my life have I stood in front of a mirror, annoyed and angry about the body God gave me? About a million at least. Easy feelings to have in a world obsessed with thigh gap and whatever “body part goals” are trending on our Instagram feed.

It’s so much worse for today’s girl. This world is one airbrushed, photo-shopped picture of a reality that does not exist.

Enter Kim Dolan Leto. Fitness model, nutrition expert, and champion for women everywhere to find their worth in God so they can love and celebrate their bodies. Obviously, we love her.

Fun Facts About Kim (direct from her website):

  • I put myself through college and graduated at 27.
  • I learned gymnastics in my 30s.
  • I had our daughter at 38.
  • I wanted to be a writer, model and fitness competitor, but I didn’t have the guts to try until my 30s.
  • My first big cover was Oxygen, and I was 35. I won the ESPN 2 Fitness America at 33. I also had my first article published at 33.
  • Seemingly, the OLDER I get, the more life success I have. When I was 42, I was on 13 magazine covers in one year and wrote countless articles.
  • I was the only American in the top 5 at the Ms. Fitness World. Picture me standing next to stunningly beautiful and talented girls in their 20s… And there I was, a new mom, in my 40s. (God has a sense of humor, doesn’t He?)
  • I wrote my first book, F.I.T Faith Inspired Transformation and created the F.I.T DVD Series at 45.

    * * * *

    Personally, I really connected with Kim in that she’s accomplished a lot “later in life.” So many young people want to literally conquer the world by the time they’re 25, and a lot of them feel like failures if they don’t. I know I felt like that. I thought I had to be a certain something (have certain things, look a certain way) to be what the world would say is a strong and successful young woman.

    Kim has been through such an interesting and inspiring journey, and her story is one that can help girls when their inner monologue tells them it's natural and normal to compare themselves to others and that the world's measure of success and beauty should be their own.

    She sent me a copy of her amazing book “F.I.T. Faith Inspired Transformation” and the connection of faith and fitness has already impacted my household. Can’t you just see Rooney and I rolling around on the floor, umm, working out? Thanks, Kim!

    Links For Today’s Show:

    Kim’s website

    F.I.T. (Faith Inspired Transformation) on Amazon

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