How To Make Kindness More Than Random Acts

How To Make Kindness More Than Random Acts

How To Make Kindness More Than Random Acts


Random acts of kindness. That phrase has always kind of annoyed me. 

Maybe because as a teacher, I used to hear my students say the word random all the time, without really understanding it or using it correctly. 

Kids, I love you, but there’s nothing random about your friend’s turkey sandwich.

“Random” describes something done “without method or conscious decision.” Even if there was something unconventional in your friend’s lunchbox, odds are that somebody made a deliberate choice about what to put in there. 

I’m all for kindness, but pairing it with the word “random” stirs up images of a person who “ran dumb” around a room doing things that were nice but who gave no real consideration to why they were doing it. 

Would we tell our sons to show random respect or have our daughters complete their homework randomly? 


Challenge: Let’s teach our kids to think through what they do, to have a bigger picture goal behind the choices they make, especially when it comes to kindness.

Action Step: Teach your girls to think through these three questions before speaking: 

  1. Is it true? 

  2. Is it necessary? 

  3. Is it kind? 

If she can answer “YES” to any of these questions then it has value. If not, perhaps it requires more reflection. 

How do you encourage your girl to be kind on purpose? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. 

Have an awesome day!

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