How To Develop Your Girl's Healthy Body Image

How To Develop Your Girl's Healthy Body Image

How To Develop Your Girl's Healthy Body Image

"Thank you so much for your podcasts!  I got connected a few months ago when I ordered Ringleaders for my daughters.  They were gifted the Bible Belles series a year ago and love them so much we just had to add to our library.  My daughters love to talk about the Bible Belles!

I have a question that’s weighing heavy on my heart.  I’m guessing you’ve address this at one point, so if you aren’t able to do a new podcast on it, could you point me to one you’ve done in the past?  My 8-year-old is a solid girl with curves.  She’s gorgeous inside and out, but last night she asked me a question that stopped me in my tracks. She asked if being skinny was good. 

I did my best to explain it’s not about skinny or big; it’s about being healthy.  But I know I fumbled. I also know this is a mindset I have struggled with on my own weight journey. I’m not skinny…but I’m not unhealthy.  Her friends, however, are very tiny girls. Her younger sister is also tall and thin.  I know she see that she looks different, and I’m almost 100% sure a “friend” has said something about the size of her very muscular legs, or told her she was too big to do the gymnastics moves they all practice at school. She tries to do the splits… but I keep telling her God doesn’t make everyone the same and that’s on purpose.  He needs us to do something else with our bodies. 

Maybe that’s totally off mark and I shouldn’t say that. Again, I need advice.  I feel ill-equipped for this part of the journey.   My heart became so heavy when she asked.  I realized I wasn’t prepared to talk with her about body image.  I prayed she would be so confident it would never come up.  But as she grows I see I’m going to need to re-focus myself to help her navigate this tough topic in a strong confident way.  I would so greatly appreciate any advice you can provide.  This is a tough one, and a moment I know could define the person she becomes. 

Thank you, again, for all you are doing to help us moms navigate this tough world.  And it gets even more complicated with 2 very strong and different girl personalities in one house.  If you have a podcast or advice on that, I’m all ears, too. I really struggle on those days when they both need me to walk with them through tough stuff, yet very different tough stuff."

Thank you for reaching out, Christy. Believe me, I get it. I have spent a considerable amount of time praying about how to lead these types of conversations with my own girl. Today's episode is for you. 

Girls often face extreme pressure to meet strict and rather unrealistic ideals when it comes to beauty, body and build.

A girl's weight, and the right shape, feel like a neverending quest for perfection that will never be obtained. 

And these feelings about her body can wreak havoc on her mind, heart, and soul.

This is why I invited Terra Mattson to weigh in and help us tackle this touchy subject. Terra is a social entrepreneur and a marriage and family therapist, and co-founder of Living Wholehearted, a professional counseling and organizational development firm.

Click here to listen to today's episode. 

If you're looking for ways to connect on a deeper level with the girl you've been called to lead, be sure to watch my free video series, 3 Keys to Unlocking Her True Potential. Click here to watch. 

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